Flattering Swimsuits

To buy a flattering swimsuit, the first thing to remember is, you are the best judge. After all, you are the one to wear them. Just think as to what drawback you have to take care before donning a swimsuit. It could be the big breasts or big hips or the most common protruding belly or all of these. Once you know what to hide or what to enhance, the job is half done. The next step is to decide the style that fits well with your body and attitude like the level of exposure you feel comfortable.

If you have all of the above disadvantages, it is a matter of choosing either a one-piece Bikini or a Tank top with a short, which works fine to give a more balanced outlook. Both of them come with comfortable cup and under wire or shelf type support for heavier breasts. A single solid color gives a slimmer effect.

For the heavy top or and narrow bottom or vice-versa, a two-piece Tankini style suits better. To play down the top choose a solid color top and opt for brighter shorts. As brighter color attract the viewer diverting the attention from big busts. The solid color of the top like black or brown flattens the size. You can go for a skirted bottom to make the hips look wider or embellish the shorts with a bow or other myriad of accessories.

Similarly, for shorter legs a high cut brief make it look longer. A one-piece Bikini with side cut can make your waist appear leaner. Thus, by adopting many illusionary tricks you can deal with shortcomings and look flattering in a swimsuit.