Lingerie Gifts

At some point in most relationships, a woman has received a gift of lingerie. It may sometimes be a sumptuous high end quality piece and sometimes – let’s face it! – it’s something a little more downmarket, more a gift for the man than the woman. However, whatever the quality of the garment, lingerie gifts are a staple of most relationships at some point – but lingerie gifts are not just applicable in this circumstance.

It is becoming increasingly popular for lingerie gifts to be given by women, to women. A multitude of hen nights now use them as gifts for the bride-to-be, a coquettish wink to the use they may be put to on the honeymoon. The practice of gifting underwear to an engaged woman is actually an ancient tradition that stems right back to ancient Rome, so it’s more than apposite!

There is also an increasingly recognition in the fashion world of how important good lingerie is, both in terms of helping a woman achieve the most from her natural shape as well giving her a self-esteem boost. The psychological effect of fantastic lingerie is becoming more and more well known, so a lingerie gift is a wonderful way of making a treasured friend feel good. Giving a lingerie gift shows you’re thinking outside of the box and shying away from more traditional gift; good-quality lingerie will be remembered by the recipient for years to come. A lingerie gift is suddenly not just something to giggle over, but a sound investment that will benefit both body and mind. Also, always remember to include a receipt if you don’t know your receiver’s exact size – no one can tell by guessing!

As well as buying and receiving lingerie gifts, why not treat the practice of purchasing lingerie for yourself as a gift? Many women indulge in retail therapy as a treat or a pick-me-up and lingerie is just as good for this purpose as the traditional shoes or clothes. Buying lingerie for oneself as a gift is an exciting experience – selecting the choice, unwrapping the store packaging and then wearing it for the first time. No matter how beautiful a dress may be, it will only sit correctly if worn with good lingerie, so complete the treat to yourself with a lingerie gift.

And lastly, there is no avoiding the classic lingerie gifts from a boyfriend or husband to his partner. It is easy to be cynical and see these as expectant gifts that reap rewards only for the giver, but the next time you receive lingerie as a gift, look at it differently. Your man is showing you deserve the best, right down to the garments no one else can see. It’s a compliment, and besides, the thrill you wearing a lingerie gift will give your man is one that will stay with you for life, so enjoy! And let’s face it, it’s always going to be better than a new household appliance or box of chocolates, isn’t it?

Lingerie gifts are all the rage, and for good reason. From high quality designer pieces to fun and flirtatious novelty items, they’re a real treat to both give and receive. There’s a multitude of excellent gift ideas out there to choose from, so indulge yourself, a friend, or sit back and wait for your boyfriend to indulge you.