London Underwear Shops

As one would expect from one of the largest capital cities in the world, you can find everything in London if you know where to look – and lingerie is no exception. Some of the greatest lingerie designers in the world base their stores in London, and while you can still buy from these companies online, nothing is quite like visiting the store itself, viewing and trying on the clothes prior to purchase, and leaving with one of those high-end glossy retail bags that in themselves make you feel a little bit special.

London UnderwearLondon offers many underwear shops, from the usual high street fare to the more exclusive ranges and boutiques. You’ve probably heard of La Perla and Agent Provocateur, both of whom have stores in the city. Agent Provocateur actually has four stores dotted across London, in Knightsbridge, The City, Notting Hill and Soho, giving plenty of options if you wish to shop at one of the most well-known lingerie designers in the world. La Perla only has one store – in Knightsbridge, on the well-known Sloane Street no less – but it is a store that any woman should, at one point, allow herself to venture in to.

A little well less known is Bordello, a cheekily named store which offers a range of lingerie, as well as toiletries and vintage boudoir style furniture. Drop into Bordello, which is in Shoreditch, if you’re looking for lingerie to set pulses racing – they are erotic specialists and the store itself has a sumptuous, lavish feel which stops it from being sleazy.

When talking about underwear shops in London, there is always going to have to be a mention for Rigby and Peller, a company who famously provide the Queen with her smalls. Online user reviews criticise the lack of erotic and sexy lingerie available at Rigby and Peller, but this does not mean it isn’t worth a visit. For a start, it is the ultimate place to get measured for your bra size, with true specialists who have been doing this for years. Their market place is underwear that is supportive and useful, not exciting, but sometimes a woman does need to have full support and Rigby and Peller provide everything you could possibly need in this department. They are also well-known for stocking some of the larger sizes in abundance, so if you’re anything over an E cup and usually struggle to find bras to fit, they’re definitely worth a try. They have two shops in London, the locations of which tell you everything you need to know about their pedigree – Mayfair and Knightsbridge.

While the underwear specialists are exciting and always worth a visit, it is worth trying department-style stores – the ones in London have the biggest selection available. There is Selfridges in Marylebone, a feature in most women’s dream shopping experience who stock a huge range of underwear for both support and titillation. There is also a huge Fenwick in Mayfair, which is also worth a visit.

Other exclusive London lingerie stores include Janet Reger (Knightsbridge), Liberty (Regent Street), Essenziale (Mayfair) and Coco de Mer (Covent Garden) – so when it comes to underwear, London has everything you could possibly want, and then more.