Adhesives & Shapers

Adhesives and shapers, also known as adhesive bras or backless and strapless bras are specialty innerwear. The absence of straps and back closures make them the perfect underwear for clothes with halter and plunge necklines as well as strapless and backless outfits. These bras adhere to the skin on your bust and stay up for hours together. They are a rage among the trendy women and young ladies of today. Not only do they stay concealed under form fitting and skimpy tops, they allow you to enjoy your parties with confidence. They are so comfortable that you won’t even notice their presence on you.

The earlier models of adhesives and shapers had tapes to keep the bras in place. However, they caused complications like peeling skin and irritations which were a major no-no for women. Today adhesive silicone is used to support the bra and ensures that it stays up. It is because of this silicone that a woman’s bust gets support from adhesives and shaper bras. Sometimes these bras also include side tabs for added support and security for the breasts. In such cases, the adhesive is lined in just the extensions and/or a partial portion of the cups. Sassybax Very Bare adhesive bra is a classic example as it has adhesive side tabs as well as the top and bottom areas of the bra adhere to the skin.

The basic design of these bras is two cups either individual or linked by a front clasp. Since they are intended for backless and strapless fashions they have to provide invisible comfort. The bras are designed to match the curves of your figure so that they feel as if they are a part of your body. At the same time, women need not be bothered with pinching straps, under bands cutting into the rib cage or back straps riding up. The absence of all these features offers a relief to women as they could prove to be a major discomfort at parties.

Adhesives and shapers offer oodles of styles as they are meant to be worn with stylish outfits. Generally worn with figure hugging, low or halter neckline, or in other words outfits which reveal a lot of skin it is essential that your breasts look more curvaceous and firm than usual. Just as plunge bras offer enhanced cleavage, by placing the cups of adhesive bras further from each other you can create a fabulous cleavage. Similarly the placement of the bra on your bust also provides a lift. This push up style is a must have for strapless gowns.

There are two types of cups in adhesive bras. The first kind is polyurethane cups which is a type of rubber and it looks and feels like skin. If you want to go for the most natural feeling, adhesives and shapers made of this material will give you just that. For a lightweight feeling, foam cups are also available. They look like ordinary bras and provide a seamless finish to your curves.