Pure Style Girlfriends Adhesive Bras

Pure Style Girlfriends are women’s best friends. These adhesive bras have got your back. No matter how low your plunge neck top is or how tight your strapless or backless outfits are, they keep them in place, offer support, enhance bust and cleavage as well as finish your look with tons of style.

Wire Free push up Perks adhesive silicone bra is a multipurpose bra. Though it looks like a simple adhesive silicone bra, this Pure Style Girlfriends number definitely packs a punch. Apart from being a self-supported bra, it is also a push up bra. Now you can flaunt your assets in backless and strapless outfits with a fabulous and flattering lift to complete your look. The bra also has padded cups for a defined and enhanced bust line. The satin cups are seamless; this smooth texture will even out any form fitting outfit and keep the bra hidden for a clean appearance.

Most push up bras including the adhesive types use underwire support; but not this Pure Style Girlfriends bra. Instead of this conventional support, it has a structured seam in the inner lining of cups. This feature is in fact a boon for women as it eliminates the discomfort associated with underwire. Moving on to the other features of the bra, you will notice that the cups are thin on the outer rim and they taper out towards the breasts. This is another reason for this bra’s high level of invisibility. What’s more, the bra’s cups are designed in such a way that they offer adequate coverage and prevent the sides of your breasts from bulging out.

You can wear this adhesive bra in halter, single shoulder, criss-cross, double straps, strapless and many other styles. The Pure Style Girlfriends bra comes with 15 hidden hooks and with clear straps you can adjust and create your own style. It has a snap front closure which is non-adjustable. The bra can be worn up to 50 times. The silicone used in the bra is safe and skin-friendly.

Another Pure Style Girlfriends adhesive bra is the Gather the Girls bra. This is a wonderful invention as it keeps your breasts secure and in place for long durations. Other adhesive bras generally tend to lose their adhesive property at the end of the day and cause your breasts to pop out. Or your plunge bra could cause your bust to look misshapen or point in awkward directions. It is not something a woman wishes to experience on the dance floor or at a formal do.

To keep such predicaments at bay, all you have to do is learn to wear this bra. It is quite simple and you can do this best by standing in front of the mirror. This bra does not have adhesive cups; the side tabs do all the work in this Pure Style Girlfriends bra. Peel off the backing from one side tab and press it on to the skin below your underarms. Next, lift your breast into one cup. Repeat the same for the other breast and clasp on the bra.