Sassybax Adhesive Bras

The trend-conscious women of today want to look perfect from head to toe. They ensure that the clothes they buy totally flatter them and enhance their features. Sometimes by picking the wrong innerwear the whole process is reversed. A good bra gives your curves a boost and adds to the sophistication of your outfit. For backless/strapless clothes, the right bra is the Sassybax adhesive bra called the Very Bare.

When you wear Very Bare adhesive bra by Sassybax, the first thing you will notice is the unimaginable comfort. As the pack boldly states, this bra has been ergonomically designed to blend with every curve of your contours. This implies that the bra is going to fit you perfectly as if it was made for you. The cups are built in such a way that, women from AA to DD cup sizes with all band sizes can wear this bra comfortably. Large-sized women can also wear all low-cut designs without any inhibitions as this bra offers ideal coverage to their busts.

The Very Bare bra has adhesive along the top and bottom portion of the inner cups and the side tabs. You might wonder how this bra can stay up. This three way design offers stronger support to the bra and even to the bust. It also means that lesser chances of the adhesive harming your skin. This minimal area of adhesive allows the removal process to be easy and painless. Most women baulk when it comes to taking off an adhesive bra. Stories of peeled off skin and skin allergies are quite haunting. The adhesive of the Sassybax adhesive bra does not wear off easily. You can wear for a minimum of 20 times and a max of 50 wears.

The Sassybax adhesive bra oozes with style. Once you wear this bra you will notice the change in your appearance. The cups of this bra are designed to enhance your curves and provide you with an appealing cleavage. With this design your outfit will look spectacular complemented by your wonderful figure. If you’re wearing AA/A size Very Bare bra, you can add on the push up pads for enhancement. To augment these features, the outer fabric of the cups is microfiber. It has a satin-smooth surface and is totally seamless. The bra does not allow any type of fabric to stick and look obvious. In order to achieve sophistication in addition to superior style, you need this strapless/backless bra.

The cups have underwire support. This along with the adhesive make a deadly combination and it only increases the positive aspects of Very Bare. For a custom fit, you can trim the side tabs as much is required for you. The Sassybax adhesive bra can be worn halter style also. The pack includes a removable strap which allows you better support for halter neck dresses too. The bra is available in black and nude colors and you can purchase it for a sum of $78. The amazing style offered by Very Bare is equivalent to the sophistication of designer wear.