Self Adhesive Bras

Bridal gowns, prom dresses, halter neck tops et al are outfits for special occasions. The right type of innerwear will is needed so that these clothes fit you correctly and make you look even better. Since these types of outfits mostly come in backless and strapless designs, the same type of bras are also needed to complement and complete your overall look. Self adhesive bras do not have straps, back closures and side extensions. Two cups lined with an adhesive to stay up and a front closure clasp is the right description for an adhesive bra. These bras are designed to stay concealed under outfits which show a lot of skin.

A typical self adhesive bra comes in nude color. This is because the bra’s main aim is to blend with your body and the color of your skin. When worn, it cannot be seen even under the tightest fitting tops or the sheerest fabrics. Black and white color options are also available in many brands. Self adhesive bras with polyurethane cups generally come in natural or nude shade, while those with foam cups have other colors. Some brands also have almost transparent cups to increase the natural look of the bra.

Self adhesive bras give a firm and smooth appearance to your bust. The basic design of these bras is a smooth outer texture and an adhesive inner layer. The outer cups offer a seamless look – this is highly recommended if a woman wants a 100 per cent polished image. Also, the adhesive provides support, lifts your chest, and enhances you cleavage. A combination of all these features provides the ultimate enhanced figure for a woman under designer wear. The support of the bra is derived from the adhesive. By placing the cups of the bra on the right area of your breasts you can get the desired lift.
Anybody knows that if your breasts are placed apart from each other, the depression between them can be seen. This logic is used in all plunge bras and with that we achieve a seductive cleavage. In self adhesive bras, all you have to do is to adjust the front closure clasp or place the cups in such a way that your breasts get separated. This creates a fabulous cleavage which is a must have for halter or low neck tops.

It is very easy to wear a self adhesive bra. All you have to do is to hold the cups in your hands and place them on your bust. The simply press them on to your skin so that they adhere properly. The size range for self adhesive bras varies from one brand to another. Most sell in basic sizes like A, B, C, or D. Some have their own size charts from 2 to 6 which start from 32A and goes on to 38C. Fashion experts advise that women should try them on before buying them. Women who wish to buy these bras online should preferably order a size larger their own.